"Fatter IRL" was a group show curated by Annie Rose Malamet that ran as part of the "Re:" art show series in Brooklyn, New York in 2016. A Los Angeles edition of the show opened at Junior High in July, 2017.

Fatter IRL is an art show celebrating the visual work of fat artists/bodies. The labor of fat people is often taken for granted. Rarely are fat bodies celebrated without exceptions or justifications. The phrase "I'm fatter in real life" is used in fat Internet communities as reclamation of the expectation put on fat people to shrink or hide themselves so as to remain inoffensive. This show revels in the diversity of fat talent and beauty.  

Rochelle Brock
Fatty Spice
Brittany Burton
Tawni Staples
Shoog McDaniel
Chuck Charlotte
Freshie Juice
Natalissa de Silva & Katrina Cervoni
Freshie Juice

"Pressed Flowers" series